What you really need to know about Generic and Branded Power Banks?



         As a consumer of any product, people normally look out for two things: Quality and Price. Usually, we have the mindset that the better the quality is of a product, higher the price must be. But, it is not necessarily so! Sometimes, the price also includes other factors such as design, style, looks apart from the performances. Add to that, the marketing and power of a brand.

        So, when it comes to power bank, what is the best deal? Which variants of power Bank should you opt for? Should you go for a Generic Portable charger or you should go for a branded one?


Understanding the difference!

       First of all, we need to understand what actually Generic Power Bank is and what is a Branded Power Bank?


  Well, both of them provide the same function, i.e. help charge your phone anytime, anywhere. The basic difference though is the “capacity marked” on the device. The former Power Bank comes with the capacity (calculated in mAh) which usually is higher than its actual capacity. For instance, it might state that it has 15000mAh however it might not perform as high as that. However, on the other hand, Branded Power Bank states their actual capacity of power which is practically the main reason why sometimes 1000mAh works better than a 15000mAh.


Branded Power Bank

Branded Power Bank

You might be thinking how does it make a difference? Well, it does! Because the mAh is through which the power bank’s charging capacity can be calculated. It will let you know how many times your cell phone can be charged after you have powered your portable device one time.

     Other than this, Branded Power Banks are more reliable in terms of performance and safety. Gadgets are something that you don’t buy every day. So, it is really important to understand where you are putting your money into.

       Coming to the second important criteria; the price of the product. Well, yes sometimes a branded power bank might be a little on the higher side. But again, you need to understand there are a lot of power banks with different marking capacity. The higher the real marking capacity is, the higher will be the price, for obvious reasons! Also, the design, weight and other criteria add up to MRP of the product. 

Assess before you purchase!

       So, you can make your choice of opting one over the other, one brand from another by assessing your need and budget. Are you the one who needs to use the device regularly? Then it is suggestable for you to opt for a branded power bank with higher marking capacity and if not you can opt for a lower one. If you into sleek design and style then there are various brands of power bank which gives you choices. You can read more about power banks on to get additional information on quality power bank under your budget.


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